At Arab Republic of Egypt. Near Cairo Opera house 22.04.2015 At Russian Federation. Moscow “Red Square” 06.09.2014 Opening of Christmas Market at North Avenue Yerevan 06.12.2014
Yerevan Drums 5 years old 11.10.2014 Yerevan Drums 5 years old by Week & on Dar 21 Television 11.10.2014 Yerevan Drums 5 years old “Our History”
At Russian Federation. Moscow park “Caricino” 07.09.2014 Golden Apricot 11th International Film Festival closing ceremony 23.07.2014 At AR television 28.01.2014
Nagorno-Karabakh Republic 02.09.2013 New Year’s Live at “Shant” television 31.12.2012 At First Public television 20.09.2012
At Armenia television 21.09.2012 Opening of the match for the WBA and WBC, super flyweight World Champion between Vic Darchinyan vs Evans Mbamba 08.09.2011 Junior Eurovision 2011 Yerevan, Armenia 03.12.2011
Defile 21.10.2011 At Liberty Radio 26.04.2011  Yerevan Drums “Begining” 11.11.2009